Jason Mehmet-Clare, who has recently finished his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship, achieved the CONEL Excellence Award in December 2019 along with a Distinction in his apprenticeship. From working in Transport and logistics for 20 years to changing his career to suit his passion, Jason has undergone massive changes and with the support of risual Education has seen amazing results.

Starting the apprenticeship with risual Education

Through risual’s partnership with CONEL College, Jason was given the opportunity to follow his passion – IT. Unlike most of risual’s apprentices, who are school-leavers, Jason had over 20
years’ experience in a work environment but when it came to apprenticeships it’s something that he hadn’t looked into.

After realising that he could earn money, and more importantly gain relevant industry experience while earning a qualification, Jason knew that the apprenticeship route was for him. However, he didn’t have confidence in the big providers with separate training facilities, instead, he wanted to find an apprenticeship from a learning institute he had trust in.

Throughout his apprenticeship, Jason also found his confidence growing. He now had the knowledge to back up his reasoning and logic, which gave him the confidence to challenge, innovate and share ideas.

Jason’s guidance for digital skills

“Organisation is a skill worth investing in when you have a clear view of what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve by, the stress of deadlines will become a thing of the past.” – Jason Clare’s advice to future apprentices

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