An HR solutions company were struggling with their legacy system, SalesForce. The system was causing difficulty because of its high cost and inability to adapt and develop quickly or at all. The system was stunting development and growth for the business as well as being too expensive for what it was providing. The company knew they needed to change, to no longer be halted by their technology so they sought out a solution and a partner.

risual , with over 15 years’ experience in transformation, was ready to help the HR solutions company with their transformation. risual shared a Dynamics 365 solution with the client, showing them that substantial savings could be had if they switched to a Microsoft lead technology. The client saw great insights into risual’s solutions and partnered with them. risual began the deployment of Dynamics 365 and PowerBI, enabling the client to not only capture the data they wanted but to also report on key trends and insights to their leadership and board members.

The client was driven to this project because of the costs they were facing on a system that was legacy and no longer provided the company with what they needed. The client also wanted to drive technology advancements and development within their business but was halted at every turn by their legacy system.

With the new implementation of Dynamics and Power BI, the client is seeing reductions in costs and advanced analytics allowing for greater insights. The client now has the ability to report on and share insights with their data. They can also develop their latest system with much more ease and accessibility than SalesForce. The client is now looking to move into a support contract and further enhance their development with AI.

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