risual engaged with a client that had invested into Office 365, but did not have a huge budget for IT and wanted to avoid any unnecessary IT related expense. They had 100 devices that were soon coming up for renewal and were currently running on Windows 7. The client realised that they needed to update as Windows 7 was also soon coming to end of life. Not updating would have left the client vulnerable so they knew they needed to upgrade.

Some of the client’s users were still struggling to adapt to features that come with Office 365, yet the client was paying for all users to have E3 licensing. The client wanted to optimise their current Microsoft investment but also keep costs down.

The solution put forward from risual was the Surface as a Service engagement as part of optimising and adapting users to Office 365. Users were given the choice of 12, 24 or 36 months Surface leasing contracts. Each bundle is configured for the customer with a mix of devices, software, and support. At a minimum, all bundles include Office 365, Surface devices, accessories, and a monthly bill.

Surface as a Service enabled the business to change their perspective and to move forward supporting IT-lead projects and funding.

The fact the customer was aware that they needed a Windows 10 Migration helped outline the issue in the first place and generated a need for risual’s help. Because so many devices were due for renewal and they had already heavily invested into Office 365, this meant risual could help to optimise this. The customer was also struggling with Office 365 user adoption as the organisation was paying for full E3 Licencing, but found that users were only utilising less than 50% of the Features and Services they have access too.

risual provided training and support on using Office365, Windows 10 and the Surface Devices, enabling users to use all of the features that their licenses enabled and drove consumption up to and over 90%. The organisation saved thousands of pounds from the off by just not ordering a new set of devices to replace their legacy ones.

Any Office 365 Issues are fully supported 24/7 by risual and are on hand to help users.

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