risual challenged clients thinking and improved clients disaster recovery strategy.

A professional and training coaching organisation was using on-premise hardware, unaware of the risk a fault would cause to their organisation. This organisation relied on servers to maintain their organisation and help them reach out to their clients. The professional and training coaching organisation knew they needed a better strategy for disaster recovery, and they wanted to improve their IT resources.

risual built an Assessment and Strategy document that included guidance for the client in how to overcome each of their organisation priorities, alongside a document with the next steps, next engagements, and keys to success. By utilizing Microsoft Azure Platform, the client made their FY19 plan with the guidance of risual, and utilising Office 365 and Power BI began to manage their organisation more productively.

During a conversation with the client, risual suggested the risk they were subject to having been on-premise in hosting. We challenged clients current way of working. Not long after this discussion, the organisation was hit with an outage. This caused all of their client and external content to go offline, damaging their client image, and costing them money. They knew it was time for them to begin their transformation journey, and risual was their partner of choice.

The client was challenged on their thinking and since then risual have worked with them successfully to roll out a Microsoft strategy that will help them progress and become much available to their clients. This client will also see more cost efficiencies, they can now use remote working too, and an overall reduction in costs. Using CSP the client is also able to manage their employees’ licensing more effectively, ensuring they are not over-licensed or under consuming.

risual successfully challenges the client and kick-started their IT transformation journey, combatting internal politics from the owners through to technical staff. The insights risual brought the client saved them costs, brought efficiencies and granted them control over their licensing to be governed and monitored the way that suits them best.

When working with clients it is okay to hold them to account and challenge them on their opinions if there is a more effective and successful route to their goals. Strategizing together with the customer helps identify where they are and where they want to get to, allowing risual to provide a clear route and next steps on how to get there.

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