risual Ltd are seeing a clear trend across the London Boroughs for a need to digitally transform.

Organisations like risual’s client are facing challenges due to a lack of understanding and control with its data which prevent moving away from on-premise infrastructure.

risuals’ Cloud Transformation portfolio is designed to understand, control and migrate data, with Automated Intelligence (AI) supporting the transformation journey.

The client was working with a lot of un-structured data sat on on-premise infrastructure. Not only was it reaching its capacity limit, but it was due to go end of life. The business found it difficult to see where the next steps would be and what they could do to move forward.

risual and AI’s engagement with the client started at the Information Architecture phase which forms part of the wider strategic Cloud Transformation project. Working with the client to understand what data it had, what data it needed, and what data was redundant which could be left behind.

Eventually, moving them to the Cloud and moving them away from its legacy infrastructure.

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