risual accelerates deadline sensitive project, giving client the full value of their Microsoft investments.

risual engaged with a constabulary based in the South-West had signed up to the National Enabling Programme (NEP) for licensing across the force after purchasing their licensing, covering:

  • O365
  • Windows 10
  • E5 Advanced Security Elements

This constabulary struggled when trying to follow all of the pre-requisites given by the NEP alongside their BAU. The pressure grew as the deadline of the end of October came close, the constabulary had agreed with the NEP that they would be ready to complete the checks for the 50-user pilot by then. A lot of tasks were outstanding and the pressure to deliver was mounting.

risual has been working with this client for a number of years and had been helping them with some of the readiness activities. We engaged with them to produce a plan, using our 15+ years of experience in the IT transformation field, to deliver the NEP designs in time for the deadline, in doing so we carried out an SCCM health check.

risual worked with this force to create a plan, covering all elements of delivery and ways to complete them in tandem to accelerate the project and ensure the timescales were met. risual worked in Microsoft technologies such as O365 Exchange Online, Security and Identity and Windows 10.

The main motivation to deliver this work is to ensure that the client received full value from their Microsoft investment, e.g. their purchased licenses. The client was keen to accelerate the project as they could see the benefits of cross-force collaboration, getting to the first 50-user pilot would enable them to see the initial benefits and accelerate the rest of their develops by providing evidence to the NEP that they were ready to transform.

The client saw an accelerated program, getting them to their end goals before the October deadlines. risual’s expert skills will guide them to ensure successful delivery, ensuring that their transformation journey is a complete success.

So far, the client has seen the impact of documents produced correctly, clearly and in granular detail of the tasks to be completed. The client has full confidence in risual that our planning and delivery is sold and achievable.

risual brought insights to the client along their transformation journey but also has shown that they are capable of replicating this across other forces with a delivery approach that can be converted across all constabularies. Other forces who are in similar situations can also benefit from risual’s expertise, it’s an easy conversation to start a journey of successful transformation.

risual has learned that we have confidence in experience and delivery when working with forces. Acting with pace and offering clients multiple options ensures an accelerated delivery, satisfied client and strong client/risual relationship.

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