risual engaged with a specialty chemicals company who did not operate a 24/7 service, but needed to provide out of hours support to ensure their worldwide locations did not have any disruptions to service. The client had been taking advantage of the new Microsoft Azure platform for over 5 years, and a new program of work was underway to migrate the remaining HQ datacentre services into the cloud along with the global regional datacentres. They were also in the midst of moving SAP into Azure, meaning that their monthly Azure costs were set to increase significantly.

The challenge presented by the need for out of hours support was dealt with by risual, managing a number of critical organisation systems that are hosted on Microsoft Azure. Costs were running at around £25k a month in Azure consumption and with their plans to move more services to the cloud, this figure was sure to increase even further. A large proportion of the services were running on the IaaS platform. The Cloud Hosting Manager needed to be able to charge services back to each of the global locations without any repercussions from manual reports. As part of the continuous improvement process to review how the client could improve their overall service and reduce costs, risual recommended implementing their Azure Optimisation services. This service was recommended to achieve reduced monthly costs and an automated billing process.

The chemicals company saw the value in the solution, reduced costs and expert risual service. risual also provided some customisation to provide the level of detailed reporting the client requested.

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