Fire and Rescue Service digitally transformed through powerful technology.

A UK Fire and Rescue Service were struggling with their legacy Direct Access VPN platform, however, were sceptical of making changes due to the sensitivity of their current solutions.

The client didn’t want to risk:

  • Service outages
  • Decreased productivity
  • More complex technology the staff can’t understand
  • Destroying their current solution
  • Being left behind as others move into the digital world

The client collaborated with risual to work through their risks and set up a solution that would improve their business. Microsoft’s Always-On VPN solution still supports Direct Access but provides a more simplified end-user experience so it was clear this would be implemented.

Since risual began the work the client has seen:

  • A strip back in their complex technologies
  • Simple management processes implemented
  • A reduced likelihood of outages
  • Straightforward management

Moving forward, the client wants to continue their collaboration with risual to keep up with ever changing digital technology. risual and the client will be working together to move away from VPN and towards Azure-AD integrated apps. Our architects are guiding the client on the best solutions to improve productivity, ensure redundancy and keep their end-user experiences simple and understandable.

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