A learning & development organisation wanted to access specific data from its marketing content. With the analysis of their marketing content the firm predicts and evaluates the performance of its services. Data access from the cloud, would give the organisation a clear understanding of what offerings to focus on with its own clients.  

Azure technology

The client required the implementation a cloud transformation through the use of Azure Machine Learning (AML) to estimate the number of seminars executed per service offered and their performance, on a monthly basis. 

risual offered the AML services to the client and adjusted the functions to have a more accurate data estimation on usage with specific services such as webinars or live learning. risual also developed an additional model that provided more details on how clients engage and use the services. The client would then know how to adjust their services based on user preference.  

The client can access key information about its services, using Azure Machine Learning and can focus considerable efforts on growing the business. The data can be used to predict and plan accordingly to improve the overall quality of services for clients.   

Recommendations were given to the client for further improvement. The current model implemented could be developed further and include features such as popular locations for seminars execution. An integrated predictive analysis function could be used to gather the latest information and patterns for seminars, making sure the client’s services are consistently up to date.  

risual and the client have been working together over the past years to develop the organisation’s cloud transformation. The client provided consistent feedback with the NPS (net promoter score) measurement, rating risual’s most recent services 9/10.  

“Very happy with the service that risual has been providing.” 

risual currently holds an NPS score of 74, which is significantly higher than the industry average (60), demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.  

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