Managing multiple councils and their own business meant one UK combined authority was supervising over 200 employees, with multiple processes across separate councils. Different processes and systems led to delays in decision making and often exhausted end-users who had to sift through multiple documents to find the best outcome.

Previous drawbacks included:

  • A complicated legacy process that internal staff were not skilled to manage meaning end users mis-interpret the process.
  • A legacy local environment that contributed to limiting the information that could be shared with individuals.  

With risual’s guidance the combined authority was able to map out their desired process and how it differed from the existing process. Clear outcomes and steps were identified and marked down, with a central location for all process guidance being created, named ‘Guidance Hub’.

The combination of Microsoft Power Apps, re-vamped Microsoft Forms, and risual’s supporting documentation has led to positive transformation. The client’s SharePoint site is now organised, containing processes and details of risual’s Subject Matter Experts who were on-hand 24/7 to provide advice.

A central dashboard now tracks the progress of all decision-making processes, providing summary details and the ability to request an update. Participants will also be informed should an update be added, or a status changed, to ensure both stakeholders and end-users are always kept up to date.

Now the project is complete the combined authority has improved its end user functionality including, guidance and access to the central location. Furthermore, risual has ensured that end-users understand the technology, therefore improving the utilisation of its Microsoft investment.

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