With a large portion of modern-day businesses choosing to automate monotonous tasks, risual is on hand to help companies implement and manage automation processes correctly.

 An international law firm was expanding its business with another office. The firm needed a sleek process to share information to their clients, partners, and stakeholders regarding useful apps, health and safety regulations, and floor plans.

The law firm were already using elements of Power Platform within the business yet didn’t have the digital resources to form a solution. With an existing relationship, risual reviewed the law firm’s ideal scenario and introduced them to a Canvas Power App with a SharePoint Online list. risual and the law firm went through a review process to ensure the firm was happy and had back-end support for the newly implemented technology. The introduced app stored crucial data such as fire escape routes and procedures that all on-site personnel needed to have access to in case of an emergency.

risual hosted online training sessions for the appropriate end users to increase internal digital skills and to put the control back in the end user’s hands. Any future changes no longer needed to be outsourced, but instead could be managed effectively by internal staff.  

The law firm can now share information to clients, partners, and stakeholders through a QR code that directs straight to the app. With the newly acquired digital skills and knowledge, the law firm have the sufficient digital skills to manage and maintain the app in-house whilst being able to further automate operational processes business wide.

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