A UK combined authority with over 200 employees and governance over multiple local councils struggled to manage its Health and Safety data collection and storage. The client needed a central location for data and an easy solution to gather all information. Power Apps

Remote end-users  often had to fill in various documents on multiple applications whilst with a client, leading to poor client satisfaction and often a confused or irritated user. The data collected was pulled to multiple back-end applications, often leaving data repositories redudant in some applications and impossible to report on due to the mix match of end results.

A standardised health and safety format was released to the whole organisation and all data stored within a single Power App. To ensure succesful streamlining and complete coverage of the client’s data, risual worked with stakeholders, and end-users to maximise both leadership and user satisifaction. Alerts were worked into the new technology to ensure data submissions were being entered accuratley and correctly.

The combined authority now had easy access and complete control over their data through the single Power App. Incorrect data entires have been minimised and both end-users and stakeholders have much better visibility of all the data than they did before. Hours of wasted time spent on altering access on multiple platforms has been cut as the central data location means access, authorisation, and sharing can be done with ease. The optimisation of the forms for mobile devices has also increased the combined authority’s client satisfaction, all information is now managed through the mobile app.

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