Oxygen Finance are a business, with a key focus on growth. As a growing business who now hold over 30 clients, completing manual and labour-tensive tasks manually was simply no longer efficient and would have caused strain on the benefits and potential of the business.

The Challenge

As a business going through a big time of growth it was clear to Oxygen that some crucial changes needed to be made. With growth of over double in their client base over 3 years it was clear that the old processes, manual tasks, and one-off jobs would not work with the growing business.

The Solution

“risual are a Microsoft Gold Partner, which allowed us to see their potential and to know that they have proven expertise. Microsoft had put their faith in them and so it gave us the confidence to do the same.”

Rob Parker
Chief Technology Officer at Oxygen Finance

The risual Education Scheme

Oxygen’s success with risual left them wanting more risual-minded people in their business. As their client base was growing, so was their staff, they wanted fresh talent and people with digital skills to fit into their Modern Workplace.

The Benefits

  • Reporting
  • Speed
  • CRM
  • Automation
  • Control
  • CSP

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