risual had a support contract with an Oil and Gas company, however due to changing times and technology, the contract was no longer suited to their current needs. There were elements of the contract between the client and risual that contradicted each other, and the makeup of the contract was hard to monitor, allocate and see real value from.

The application that risual supported was vital to the company, bringing in millions of pounds per year, so it was crucial that the contract added value.

The client worked very closely with their service delivery management and support team, so as they were moving closer to the expiration date of the contract, risual arranged a meeting with the client to highlight the number of hours remaining and created a plan to ensure that they were using the remaining time to drive improvements within the application. risual then went to the client site and pitched the improvements that we believed could be gained from the application e.g. moving from on-premise into Azure to enable scalability and quicker development, to show that risual have the customers end goal constantly in mind.

Moving forward, risual worked with the service delivery manager to calculate the number of hours that the client used as part of their support contract for making changes or fixing issues and used this as the basis of their new contract. risual also worked out how long it would take to move the application into azure and added this into the contract as hours for improvement with a set objective.

Finally risual took out the “general improvements” element out of the contract which was difficult to track/monitor and predict, so risual have taken the approach to create an individual statement of work for each improvement, this allows risual and the client to plan the work, give the client an end date for delivery and ensure risual are managing our workloads more effectively to hit deadlines and allocate resource efficiently.

The client now has a contract that is more transparent, more understandable and can all be found in one place. Their contract was reduced to suit their current needs and now allows them a more tailored and customised support service.

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