OCS improve collaboration and save costs with Microsoft Office 365

The challenge

OCS were working on an eight-year-old on-premises exchange environment which was not well-managed neither was it kept up to date – causing many problems for the organisation, including low performance issues across all platforms. Due to the aging and outdated environment it was becoming extremely unreliable, unnecessary complex issues which were building up.

The solution

OCS were searching for a solution which managed costs and provided a new, easy environment for all its users. Microsoft Office 365 would solve the problems that OCS was facing, whilst providing the organisation with applications which would enhance its productivity and collaboration across the business. The core business driver was to move all 6,000 OCS users to the Office 365 Cloud, allowing them to begin using Outlook and the subsequent Office 365 technologies with immediate effect, creating an efficient environment.

The benefits

Many benefits have already been seen by everyone at OCS and are looking forward for many more to come.

  • Reliability – Since OCS have been working from the Office 365 platform, the organisation now doesn’t see any downtime or failures across the business which provides a well-structured and reliable platform.
  • Management – OCS were managing the on-premise exchange environment daily, they have now been able to save so much time and resource on management and keeping.
  • Collaboration and efficiency – Office 365 gives many applications which extends the skillset across individuals at OCS. Microsoft Teams enhances the collaboration from each office across the globe and encourage variations ways for individuals to communicate, not just via emails.
  • Cost savings – OCS’s on-premise exchange environment costs would alternate depending on the usage of the mail boxes, since migrating to Office 365, OCS have seen a set clear price for the environment.

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