One of the UK’s 36 Metropolitan Councils, our client provides services to over 530,000 citizens. Managing that many individuals require a council to have optimal processes, technology, and data solutions, ensuring it is able to provide seamless, streamlined, and high-quality services, focused on customer needs and providing great experiences. Key success factors to realising this need were identified as:

  • A competent and productive workforce
  • Correct reporting tools showcasing up to date information
  • Technology that supports the infrastructure of the business whilst also providing new avenues to improve

The council had already made extensive use of its existing Microsoft investments through the development of a hybrid cloud capability, which was a key tenet of their digital strategy. To further adopt Microsoft capabilities such as cloud hosting and business intelligence reporting, the council is implementing Microsoft 365 to provide all employees with modern productivity and security tools.

  • Hybrid cloud hosting (both infrastructure and platform as a services).
  • Business intelligence and reporting.
  • The establishment of a Modern Data Warehouse in Azure.
  • The use of Power BI software as a service platform.
  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM).

risual encouraged the council to take a whole system approach, understanding their value chain and the end-to-end services they deliver, to discover new ways of working and new ways to implement technology that would deliver the most value. Now the business case has been created, risual and the council employees will present the benefits, impacts, and changes to business stakeholders.  

The client is now seeking approval for the business case before PoCs (Proof of Concepts) can be created and additional planning carried out.

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