Due to COVID-19, a county council took immediate action to protect the safety and health of its staff and instructing all 5500 members to begin working from home, creating a Modern Workplace. The council understood the need for immediate change, and the impact it would have on the organisation and citizens if they didn’t act fast.  

Taking action and starting a Modern Workplace Strategy. 

Acting fast, risual and the council worked together to plan and build a Modern Workplace Strategy to ensure short term and long-term plans would be met. The first step for the council was to roll out Microsoft 365 with exchange, ensuring that this would land well with all employees and encourage productivity. When investigating the requirements for Microsoft Teams, the council understood the potential value but were concerned about the adoption from end users.  

Adopting Microsoft Teams.  

Understanding that Microsoft Teams would be a very valuable asset to onboard, the council and risual worked together to implement the technology. To ensure that the adoption process is smooth and end users are utilising the technology, the council selected a handful of champions who will deliver the training to support the wider organisation.  

A fast-paced engagement but still delivering value and flexibility.  

Although our client had to on board Microsoft Teams quickly, the engagement will still deliver impeccable value, encourage productivity, better communication and efficiencies. Supporting the engagement with training and adoption, all end users will have the sufficient knowledge and understanding to appropriately use the tools to its full capabilities. The council and risual are still working together to develop a Modern Workplace Strategy and implement new ways of working to support the growth of the council through a challenging time.  

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