During COVID-19 a lot of organisations moved their staff to working-from-home and as the restrictions began to lift some companies decided it was more efficient to let their employees stay as remote workers.  

risual engaged with a strategic telecommunication provider with over 500 staff members as they wanted to move away from their legacy technology and into more modern, wireless means of communication as their entire staff worked remotely. However, they were stuck with where to start.  

The client has a team of employees who operate remotely from the office and lay telecommunication cables. These cables are in areas with low/no connectivity and improve the locations connections. Moving forward, the client wanted a solution where they could upload images, files, and normal office content etc, without having to lay cables or find areas had cables already layed.  

Other challenges for the company was their tracking of each cable and its location. Each cable had a barcode indicating its total length and location, but the issue was taking this information from the barcode and storing and using it effectively.  

risual demonstrated to the client how Canvas Power Apps and Power Automate could be used to connect to Azure services (Storage Account and Machine Learning). Following thus demonstration the teams worked together to build the solution with plans to start Azure Machine Learning and other technologies, enriching their data.  

The client can now see the following benefits: 

  • Able to operate in any location without a network connection. 
  • The client understands their technology and how to use it. 
  • Now using the full range of technology they have invested in. 
  • Able to view information from wherever they are through mobile devices.  

The client also added feedback from their day of technology training: 

“Excellent skills – Demonstrated how to build solutions for our requirements. Really useful for the day”. 

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