During COVID-19 a lot of regulations were put in place and for almost all organisations this meant moving to some form of remote working. Our client, a Southern County Council with over 500 office-based employees was no different. They made the move to home-working, but this left them struggling on how to deliver the much-needed training to their staff in a way that would be productive, engaging, and successful. 

Our risual Education team stepped in to help deliver our Microsoft Teams training, ensuring all users could comfortably and confidently use their remote-working technology. Before the actual training, our team had lots of meetings with the organisation so we could include content designed to help their end-users in certain scenarios. Our sessions and technologies were customised so that activities could run in real-time – this was to ensure the staff could engage throughout the session and provide direct experience on the technology.  

Senior management was taken through each step of the session and all the technology and activities that would be introduced. This approval was crucial, as senior management would also be working from home moving forward.  

The client has seen many benefits from the training: 

  • The council adopted Microsoft Teams to ensure their organisation remains productive whilst home working. 
  • Communications across the whole company has improved due to Microsoft Teams. 
  • End user’s knowledge and ability to use the technology has improved.  
  • The consensus across the council was that the staff are more confident, communicative, and supportive of one another and their technology.  
  • Due to the training, the staff no longer need to go to their IT team with problems as frequently.   

Overall, we were given 3.87/4 from our session which is an overall average of 96.75%! 

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