risual engaged with a retail distributor who had requirements they were struggling to reach due to legacy processes. The company knew they needed to make a pivotal change and outlined this to risual with the below targets:

  • To understand their current organisation processes.
  • Automate the product buying process.
  • Reduce the number of spreadsheets used.
  • Reduce the number of data points.

risual worked with the retail distributor to deploy Dynamics 365 for Sales, using Business Analysts to map out the existing process, reporting back to the client with this new format for the process. risual worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and deploy a solution they knew would work, complying with their current needs and requirements. risual built automated processes after making clear and correct recommendations to the client and getting their approval for the change.

The client then had a solution that complied and met with all of their requirements:

  • They now understand their organisation process and how it works, who is involved etc.
  • They automated the product buying process through Dynamics, meaning staff were free to work on more innovative projects.
  • They reduced the number of excel spreadsheets and therefore the risk of loss or tampering of data.
  • They reduced the number of people and changes the process had to go through.

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