A British multinational engineering company who operates in over 50 countries and employs over 25,000 staff is currently making headway in its Cloud adoption with Microsoft Azure and Modern Workplace technologies. 

A significant part of this is enabling modern device management with Windows 10 using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) in a co-management state. The organisation has been using the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager over the last 10 years but is keen to explore the benefits of modern management for devices across their 25,000-device estate.  

The investment in Microsoft 365 licensing was already in place but they were looking for a partner to understand the best practices and determine whether the move would be the right approach for the organisation. The challenge was moving to its existing application estate into Intune whilst delivering a secure, robust, and slick Windows 10 end-user experience.  

Following a successful design signed off by the client, risual were tasked to help make the move into modern management using AutoPilot.  

Initially, the plan and client’s preferences were to move to a pre-provisioned (previously known as White Glove) deployment. Allowing the client to involve its OEM partner to help deliver a pre-packaged and deployed build out of distribution. Ready to hand it over to an end-user straight away.  

However, a hardware constraint prevented the use of this and instead an end-user driven approach for AutoPilot was used.  

risual advised, guided, and displayed some of the known methods for: 

  • Application deployment  
  • Security hardening 
  • Enablement of co-management capabilities 
  • Enablement of tenant attach features 
  • Allow the existing environment additional features to be utilised  

At the end of the engagement the client was given: 

  • The confidence to package their own applications 
  • The advice and guidance to use the correct best practice methods 

We were able to start deploying the required 64-bit version of Windows 10 through the AutoPilot experience managed in a co-managed state with their existing Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune. 

Now providing a mechanism to improve the client’s deployment strategy, provide better user-experience along with a device which has a much lower environment footprint. The devices are secure and deliver the core set of applications as part of the provisioning experience whilst providing IT Operations and Service Desk teams with the capability  to troubleshoot and diagnose issues before they have become widespread.  

Moving forward, the client wants to continue to work with risual and is ready to move onto the next iteration of AutoPilot. The end game being to leverage the full Cloud identity using Microsoft Azure.  

Several opportunities have been presented to the client which will now be moved forward by the risual Account Director. These opportunities range from password-less authentication to migrating applications and services into the Cloud whilst maintaining pace on their modern desktop improvements.  

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