One of the largest logistics companies in the UK, offering supply chain services to global brands, was struggling to recruit data analysts’ level 4 apprentices. At the time, the organisation was working alongside another training provider but couldn’t find suitable candidates for several months. The issue was delaying the development of the firm and required adjustments accordingly. 

The firm needed to get in touch with another training provider that could match its requirements with a more time-effective process. 

risual Education

risual was contacted by the firm to offer its recruiting and training services for the selection of data analysts. Full updates on policies concerning data analyst level 4 apprenticeship were given to the management staff of the organisation, ensuring their full understanding. A detailed plan was then created following specific timescales and objectives. Adverts were set up to attract candidates and interviews were held within less than two weeks. The client’s standards were included in the recruitment process, allowing the selection of very specific candidates. 

The recruitment of data analysts was a success and achieved in a short amount of time. The logistic firm was able to reach its recruitment objectives through risual’s services. The business can pursue its growth without having to worry about apprentice acquisition. The new employees are specifically selected and trained to meet the requirements. risual can consistently update the client with the recruitment process and incorporate any further suggestions to ensure a flexible approach.  

The organisation benefits from on-going recruitment services provided by our experts at risual. Further discussions have taken place to increase the workforce with Data Technician apprentice level 4.  

At risual, we want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services and want to pursue business opportunities with us. For this reason, we ask for feedback on our services to gain insights into our methods. Our current NPS score is 75, which is considerably higher than the industry average, demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.  

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