A UK county council with over 1000 employees was struggling to undergo a much-needed technology transformation due to their out-dated intranet system.  

The council had a fully-fledged on-premise intranet solution that to protect our client’s identity we’ll call “SAM”. SAM was based on Windows Server 2003, launched over 15 years ago so all infrastructure and support was long out of date. This led to: 

  • Outdated content 
  • Unreliable searching 
  • Dated designs 
  • Un-friendly user experience 
  • Overreliance on email for modern corporate communications 

It was time for change. 

The council were keen to leverage its Microsoft 365 investment and wanted to move to a modern way of working. Those working with risual had previously heard of Microsoft SharePoint Online and with risual’s guidance were able to see that this would be the way forward.  

risual engaged with the council and through the Intranet Accelerator engagement iterated through a collection of communication sites and pages we found a solution that worked for the organisation. Serving all their needs of one updated, correct, and user-friendly platform. The intranet also allowed for the public body to grow, new topics to be added and a modern workforce to really expand.  

Moving forward, the council will say various benefits, such as: 

  • A modern to keep up with demand 
  • Flexible platform to always meet the requirements  
  • Friendly end user experience  
  • Better and more efficient corporate communications and collaboration  
  • Moved away from legacy infrastructure to a modernised platform  
  • Templated pages to help end users quickly and easily create new documentation  
  • Has internal branding throughout the SharePoint site  

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