In a world where innovative technology is at our fingertips, it can be difficult to understand why legacy and manual organisations processes still take place in organisations today. One reason is that many organisations don’t even know what they’re missing and haven’t looked for a better way of doing something. Other companies may not think they need to change their processes as they can’t see the benefits that adopting new technology could bring them. In this case, however, a County Council which employs over 8000 people recognised a need to improve efficiencies and staff productivity through the use of innovative solutions, and contacted risual seeking help and guidance to complete this task.

This client is an upper-tier local authority for a non-metropolitan county and manage a multitude of services available to the public. Maintaining roads, providing free school meals, providing adult and child care services, and running public transport are just a handful of some of the responsibilities this client takes care of on a day to day basis. Covering a county which is home to over 1 million residents requires a lot of small processes that collectively contribute to one main goal, to serve the public. This is why this client decided it was time to refine and optimise these processes to help them increase and maintain high standards.

When the Council contacted risual, they had many processes which were very paper intensive and management heavy. They needed innovative technology. This was slowing down the overall time taken to complete simple tasks and was resulting in low productivity levels of its staff. After looking into the details of this case, risual consultants quickly identified the opportunity to bring in the help of one of risual’s partners, DocuSign.

DocuSign are pioneers in the development of e-signature technology and help organisations to connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements and documents. This meant that by enlisting their help, risual could digitise a lot of the paper-based processes that the Council were completing on a daily basis and massively increase automation within their organisation. It was great that this client recognised their own need to speed up internal processes and become greener by digitising their organisation. This meant that risual were able to provide rapid help and implement a solution quickly.

DocuSign was initially rolled out across three of their departments and the Council was able to digitise a lot of their compulsory tasks. Previously, the processes were very paper intensive and management heavy. Some documents would often take weeks to turn around. After adopting DocuSign however, the Council’s employees were able to manage forms far more efficiently, from signing through to approval, in a much shorter period of time. Additionally, DocuSign’s digital audit trail combined with a reduction in errors allowed them to be even more secure and compliant with local government regulation which was another huge benefit that this client gained from putting their trust in risual.

Due to the successful adoption of DocuSign and their innovative technology across three departments, the Council realised that DocuSign also had huge potential for other departments in the organisation too such as HR, Legal, and Finance and have now decided to digitise their paper tasks Council wide! This is a great example of a client that has realised the benefit of investing in technology to improve internal operations, which has now led to further investments for further improvements. risual and DocuSign will now continue to work on digitising the entire Council through Business Transformation and modernise the entire organisation.

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