The Background

In a competitive and highly active market, Indigo began a journey of transformation to improve their operational efficiencies as a business, serve their clients in a way to differentiate themselves from their competition and ultimately provide an excellent experience for their client’s end customers. This case study focusses on the development of the organisation and the relationship between Indigo and risual Limited.

The Challenge

Indigo Group is a world leader in parking and individual mobility, aiming to achieve a constant high customer satisfaction and helping its customers. The company had a vision for how they could achieve true potential from the business and enhance its ability to extract value from data and analytics. Indigo had access to an abundance of wonderful and useful data, but the business was not able to automate the visualisation processes and create appealing dashboards for its customers fast.  Indigo needed the right people, the right tools and technology to begin meeting its requirements.

The Solution

Power BI is a Microsoft tool used to create Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, using interactive visuals where end users can create reports and dashboards themselves without having to depend on IT staff. risual and Indigo worked closely together to select the best suited solution, focussing on Indigo business requirements which include; cost efficient, easy to use, visualisation tool, security, connectivity, fits within the infrastructure, and development rate.

The Benefits

After the project was completed, Indigo saw real business benefits and have now been able to not only make use of Power BI within the organisation but also go to market with it and provide a clear offering to its clients. The business requirements that were stated had been met, leading to Indigo growing and developing as an organisation.

Future Plans

“Our plans are to continue building on what we’ve done so far, continue to create interactive visual dashboards for our clients ensuring it is easy for them to use. The more data sets we generally get connected the more we can get out of it. Keeping a close relationship with risual too, for any future offerings and innovative exciting solutions which will support our organisation to grow.”                                                                                                                                                       Nimesh Inamdar, Chief Analytics / Data Officer at Indigo Group

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