The case involves a leading UK-based professional training provider specialising in learning and development for professional service firms. With a team of 40 employees, the company sought a solution to deliver learning content internally while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams. 

Situation: The professional training provider holds a prominent position in the industry, offering learning content in compliance, law, and tax. To enhance their internal learning capabilities, they required a platform that would enable them to deliver learning content to their employees and integrate smoothly with Microsoft Teams, a widely used collaboration tool. 

Solution: In response to the training provider’s requirements, risual proposed the implementation of Viva Learning as the company’s internal learning platform. SharePoint Online was utilised as the hosting platform for content, which would then be delivered to the user base through the Viva Learning app within Microsoft Teams. 

Impact: By implementing Viva Learning and leveraging SharePoint Online, the training provider achieved several significant impacts: 

  • Seamless Integration: Users gained the ability to access learning materials directly within the Microsoft Teams environment. This integration ensured that learning content became an integral part of employees’ workflow, enhancing their overall learning experience. 
  • Broad Learning Content Access: With Viva Learning, users gained access to a wide range of learning materials provided by Microsoft, along with bespoke content tailored specifically to the company’s needs. This expanded access empowered employees to discover, share, and prioritise learning resources without needing to leave the Teams platform. 
  • Value Addition: The operations director of the training provider expressed satisfaction with the implementation, highlighting the effective blend of technical expertise and business understanding. The combined use of SharePoint and Viva Learning was seen as a valuable addition to the company’s operations, enhancing productivity and fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

In summary, the adoption of Viva Learning, with SharePoint Online as the content hosting platform, enabled the UK-based professional training provider to streamline internal learning processes while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams. This implementation empowered employees to access a diverse range of learning resources, both from Microsoft and bespoke content, within their regular workflow. The positive feedback from the operations director demonstrated the successful alignment of technical expertise and business needs, ultimately adding value to the company’s teams.  

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