A human resources consultancy was experiencing difficulties with its CRM (customer relationship management) solution, delaying the services offered and causing issues with the productivity of the workforce. The firm was not sure about how to solve this issue or how to find an alternative solution. 


The firm required a new provider to support with a CRM solution that would not require high operating costs or time to implement.  


After the client contacted Microsoft for support, risual (gold partner) was recommended as an optimal provider, due to our previous experiences with successful business transformation across many organisations. risual and the firm arranged several meetings together to discuss the best options possible for the implementation of a CRM with specific requirements. The new solution was implemented using Dynamics 365 to replace the legacy CRM. 


The client can gather and understand crucial information easily using Dynamics 365, saving a lot of time compared to its previous CRM.  the new solution automates tasks and procedures in ways that employees can use every day, relieving them of repetitive tasks. Dynamics 365 improves communication within the organisation through integrated apps and other services that can be included within the solution. Employees can also access information anywhere from any devices, increasing their work flexibility and productivity.  

Next steps 

Moving forward, the consultancy can benefit from its new CRM and identify further features that could be integrated to improve the services further. 

Both organisation have an been working together consistently over the past year to ensure, the client is fully satisfied with risual’s services.  

risual currently holds an NPS (net promoter score) of 75, higher than industry average (60) which demonstrates a strong focus on client satisfaction. 

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