Through the G-Cloud Framework a government off-shoot organisation of over 1,000 employees approached risual to undertake an Accessibility Assessment for their website. At first, this seemed a simple and easy task for risual who were happy to improve the organisation’s website accessibility.  

However, then came the deadline.  

Within 6 days (including a weekend) the organisation’s website was going live. 

Development was still ongoing with other organisation’s the client was partnering with and they were beginning to panic. Speedily, the assessment was set up, and risual was determined to meet the client’s very tight deadlines.  

Within the same day as them asking for our help we sent across a proposal, even before 4pm to ensure they had time to read it before the day’s end. The client approved the copy and risual and the organisation set to work the next day. 

Working over the weekend to ensure that all pages were evaluated, our partners and teams smashed the deadline. Testing had to be completed multiple times throughout the pages to ensured it was suitable for: 

  • Desktop 
  • iOS 
  • Android 

Furthermore, to ensure the testing was completed comprehensively, we included the following: 

  • An audit of the pages using assistive technology and browser pairs as follows: 
  • Internet Explorer 11 
  • AWS on a desktop or laptop device 
  • Safari 
  • Voiceover on an iOS device 
  • Chrome 
  • Talkback on Android device 

During the testing, multiple issues were highlighted with all other assistive technologies, including: 

  • NaturallySpeaking 
  • ZoomTest 

A report was completed on the findings, including steps taken during the test for each page, tool, and content. We worked with the client to ensure the implementation of any fixes was done correctly and by our experienced experts.  

4 days into the 6-day deadline and we’d finished the high-priority fixes and completely tested the website. As planned the website went live on the 6th day and no issues were found.  

The client said: 

“Thank you for turning around the accessibility audit so quickly. We also went live with it on time as planned”  

Project Manager 

“The team was extremely flexible in working around our deployment schedule over the weekend. They were key contributors to a successful launch”  

Vice President 

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