An engineering and environmental consultancy offering a wide range of services needed to recruit a new apprentice for the business. As the organisation was experiencing growth it was crucial to create apprenticeship opportunities with relevant candidates. The consultancy required multiple apprentices across different locations following specific standards of work but didn’t have the resources for recruitment. 

The organisation needed several apprentices to match specific vacancies and requirements in a short amount of time.  risual took into consideration the apprenticeship requirements from the client and created job descriptions and adverts accordingly. A detailed business case explaining how risual will proceed for the recruitment was also created, for the Learning and Development Manager to present to the board. As the consultancy firm was selecting from four training providers to meet its requirements, risual’s services were put forward to proceed. The recruitment and training process was able to go ahead quickly after the selection process.  

risual Education

Three data analysts were recruited and supported through different locations to suit the client’s requirements.  

  • The organisation can save time and effort on recruitment and focus on delivering high quality services in its market.  
  • risual provided the consultancy firm with a detailed understanding of digital trends and requirements in the industry, through consistent communication. 
  • The firm can ask for enquiries at any time and gain knowledge from digital experts on apprenticeship opportunities  
  • On-going support is provided by risual to support the client and ensure each objective is met in full. 

The consultancy can rely on risual’s education services to support the growth of the business. Further requirements can be included by the client with risual’s flexible training. 

risual pursues its support and training for the client for the past year. We were able to collect NPS feedback from the organisation, rating our services 10/10.  

risual are quick to respond and incredibly helpful in all aspects of apprenticeships and support for apprentices. They are friendly and professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending risual to anyone that may require the services they provide.” 

We currently hold a current NPS of 75 compared to the industry average of 60, demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction and requirements.  

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