One industry risual has a lot of experience when delivering transformational service is the education industry, in particular, higher education institutions such as universities. Universities are a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship, so they can often benefit massively from IT support and solutions that enable them keep innovating and pushing boundaries.

In this instance, one of the UK’s top universities, host to over 15,000 students, had recognised a need for support regarding the end user functionality of its student portal. Students are the heart of any university and so being able to provide a seamless, integrated student portal that was simple and easy to use was of paramount importance.

The aim of this client was to build upon their existing SITS database that was fronted by an e:Vision+ web application. This was the student portal that needed fine tuning. This portal was the university’s hub which applicants, new students and returning students could all use for various processes such as viewing course information. What the client acknowledged, however, was that the portal did not offer a self-service to its users so that they could complete tasks such as student card requests.

Integrating this new functionality would create far more autonomy in the daily processes of the University’s admin team and significantly reduce their paper-based tasks.

The approach that risual took was to implement the e:vision+ skeleton website which included the landing page, logon page and the homepage for students. As well as this, risual built out the API so that it was ready for other components to integrate with the website. This was done at the beginning of delivery to ensure that was no back-tracking needed to later on to bring the API in-line with the application. The creation of this website will offer the self-service function to students that the University were looking to achieve. Now the end users who are looking to access the portal are greeted with a much greater experience.

Although the University had already begun this transformation project when they contacted risual, they quickly realised that they would not meet their deadline without some input and support. From working with risual in the past, this client knew that we would be able to assist them with this project to help them complete it on time and to an extremely high standard.

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