The customer

A local government organisation brings together local councils and organisations to build a strong, successful economy where everyone can build great careers and improve the quality of life. It desired a digital and cloud environment to support it’s Corporate Technology Programme (CTP).

The background

The local government launched its CTP to improve mobility and collaboration for staff whilst updating technology infrastructure and improving security.
During the development of the CTP, Directors expressed the desire to have external organisations support and implement projects within the programme.
risual and the local government worked together to support the overall CTP.

The challenges

One of the main challenges faced was the working cultural differences. The project was in place to drive a better experience for end users, so it was essential all needs were met. Additional challenges include:

  • Diversity of thinking.
  • Different ways of working.
  • A fear of loss of control.
  • Fear of change.

Digital and cloud first solution

risual implemented a variety of technologies which will enable remote working and:

  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Improve the way in which people work.
  • Support collaboration.
  • Provide better trustworthy security.
  • Work towards becoming a greener organisation.

The technologies which were implemented include:

  • Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft 365 suite.
  • Device refresh.
  • Training sessions.

The benefits

  • Remote working encourages better collaboration.
  • Internal employee events can now be live streamed using Microsoft Teams.
  • All employees will be able to work wirelessly in the offices with the new network and guest WIFI.
  • Every meeting rooms will be equipped with modern audio-visual equipment including some interactive Microsoft Surface Hubs.
  • Going green with a device refresh.
  • Moving away from printers and paper has significant operational cost savings.

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