risual worked with an independent non-departmental public body to have a good understanding of the current system used for managing contacts. The existing system DefCARS, caused too many administrative issues for users and the data stored in it was only accessible to a few individuals only. The technology was based in a private datacentre, reducing the accessibility. The client had difficulties with this process slowing down the development of new digital features, increased costs and access to the data.  

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risual and Caja (partner) worked together to provide a detailed analysis of the current process and discover how a more modern approach could be implemented. 

A value chain analysis was performed on the current service to identify the key processes that surround the management of the contracts. risual recommended four potential ways the client could proceed with its digital transformation to provide a better service in the industry and for their employees.  

  1. Excellent User Experience through a rebuilt cloud-based web app. 
  1. Data-driven organisation with a cloud-based data platform. 
  1. Low-code development enabling the client to self-develop an app using the Power Platform. 
  1. Rehosting the current private datacentre system to the cloud. 

One of the key aspects of all 4 options is that cloud-based services enable a modular approach to be taken. The client was able to start making improvements in the areas identified using a value chain analysis without affecting the other aspects of the service. 

risual also provided recommended options along with a roadmap on how to proceed with the new processes, along with a cost profile highlighting when the benefits would be realised. These options focused on the best elements from each process to give maximum usability of data while reducing the administration burden. 

After the delivery of the final report, the client was able to understand the limitations of the current system and had a good understanding of what digital transformation could look like.  

The process enabled the business, an opportunity to work closer with other internal and external stakeholders. This allowed collaboration in a way that hadn’t been done before and provided the staff with the ability to step away from their day jobs and have space to really think about what drives value. 

The recommended options allowed the client to move forward under their current budget limitations and use further savings to help fund additional development. 

Ultimately, by moving forward with any of the options the client will have improved access to data at the heart of their system.  

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