CSG are an organisation who are aspiring to grow, develop, and continue to deliver an exemplary service to its customers. With the ever-growing digital skills gap across the UK, CSG felt they could play a part in the development of bridging this gap and benefit their business at the same time.

CSG and risual Education have been working together for over 3 years now, learning and developing the partnership with input from both organisations. The partnership has led to huge opportunities for CSG to grow. So far, CSG have recruited six apprentices through risual Education and are set to hire six more by the end of 2019.

Building the Talent

Since hiring a pool of new talent and watching them graduate and realise their potential, CSG have seen huge benefits alongside the proud feeling after graduation.


General productivity has increased in all departments within the business – having a new team of first line engineers out in the workshop frees up time for the right people to be prioritising the important tasks. As the apprentices grow, productivity will also increase in the future.

A Better Way of Working

CSG have recently introduced a buddy system – styled to replicate a mentor system.
This is now active and ensures that each individual on the help desk has the relevant training and continued support tailored by their mentor. It is generating a better way of working and a much more skilled and knowledgeable work force.

The Next Step in the Right Direction

CSG are looking to build the apprentices into wonderful, established and qualified first line engineers who can continue to bring new skills, talent and ideas to the business every day.
By the end of 2019 CSG wish to hire six more apprentices and over the next 12 months hire 10+ staff for its support desk in order to continue to grow and develop.
With digital skills and supporting the local area at the heart of the business, CSG look to develop digital skills internally and continue to get talent from local colleges.
Ron Vyse; “We are big on learning and development, if there is an opportunity to support our apprentices and staff, we are more than happy to provide the right training and right qualifications.”
He also mentioned the general business goals; “Like any business, we are looking to grow, deliver a great service, increase turnover, grow our staff and grow the digital skills.”

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