The Challenge

Crystal Martin was originally aware of the challenges it was facing and decided to pull together a few main points, so they can begin transforming the organisation to achieve its goals. Crystal Martin shortlisted to four main challenges:

1. Airfreight Authorisation

2. Lab Dye Trackers

3. Global Videos

4. Order Book Summary

The Solution 

To achieve Crystal Martin’s business goals, Microsoft Office 365 was implemented into the organisation, making minimal environment changes. Adopting Microsoft Office 365 provided Crystal Martin access to share knowledge and recommendations across the organisation alongside upskilling its internal staff to support them with the organisation’s changes, challenges and process improvements.

“Microsoft suggested risual Ltd would be good to be involved with the training days, supporting the organisation to get skilled up on the relevant Microsoft Technology. At the time, we hadn’t completed any training for quite some time, so it became a slight struggle to get everyone up to date and aware of how to use the technology, but the help and knowledge providing from risual was great.”

Roger Hall, Chief Information Officer at Crystal Martin

The Benefits 

Since the implementation of Microsoft Office 365, Crystal Martin are expected to see a series of benefits throughout the organisation. Due to the project still being in early days, only a small amount of benefits have been noticeable such as an increase in knowledge on the technology across the business and improved productivity. Further benefits expected to be seen by Crystal Martin include:
• Increased collaboration

• Increased communication

• Increased information visibility

• Cost savings

“Now that Crystal Martin have adopted Office365 they can begin transforming as an organisation, meeting future business requirements, improving productivity and efficiency along with saving costs. It will modernise the organisation’s environment and provide lots of new tools and technologies to enhance the work processes.”

Jack Thompson, Account Manager at risual Ltd

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