A local council divided into eight units were consolidating into two units and required the implementation of two new intranet systems to match this upcoming change. The council was very time constrained and needed a quick and effective solution.   risual offered its services to analyse and understand the optimal solution for the client to implement into the organisation. 

Microsoft 365

With the use of risual’s intranet accelerator package, a sophisticated design was created for the council in a time-effective manner. Two compatible intranets were delivered and hosted in SharePoint, using two separate Microsoft 365 hosts. Relevant training was provided by risual to ensure the organisation had a great understanding of the new services.  

The council obtained a great overall understanding of its new intranet systems, allowing them to be ready for its consolidation and highly productive in its ongoing work, avoiding any delays.  

  • The use of two intranets improved the overall communication of the council.  
  • Employees are connected and can share information easily trough the intranets, enhancing cohesion and team collaboration within the organisation.  
  • Data is easy to access for employees and therefore less time is wasted with admin-based issues.  
  • The organisation can benefit from these changes and develop its existing culture with an improved employee satisfaction rate.  

The client can experience the benefits of its new intranet implementation and evaluate whether it would consider improving the processes further.  

risual and the council have been working together on this project in recent weeks to offer an optimal solution. The client provided consistent NPS (net promoter score) feedback, rating risual’s most recent services 10/10.      

“risual are a pleasure to work with.  They are flexible, nothing is too much trouble, and they are so collaborative, and team minded.  They took time to really understand what work we had done so far and worked with us to spot where they could help us and add the most value during their time with us.  The scoping document written by Radek Gnutek, Principal Consultant at risual was excellent and offered us the right level of support. Kully Singh, Consultant at risual is brilliant – so can do – so responsive, so helpful and so talented.  He built beautiful sites for us and was so good at explaining how it all works and helping us use the sites. He is very patient, friendly and very helpful.  I can’t thank Radek and Kully enough.  The training provided was also very useful and it was great that the trainers (and Kully and Radek) are always willing to let us record sessions for people who couldn’t attend in person at that time.” 

It’s been a pleasure building a strong relationship and working with this client to provide the services and Intranets that they require.  

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