One of ten district councils located in Greater Manchester, and a majority provider of local government services within the area attended risual’s Cloud Identity workshops. Managing multiple employees, incidents and services often requires diligence when it comes to security. The council valued security highly and wanted to see if it could improve the current ways of working.

It was crucial that authentication and authorisation is constantly up to date. Our client thought that with its FortiToken MFA (multi-factual authentication) they were getting the best possible solution. However, after attending risual’s Cloud Identity workshop they realised that they could be using its initial Microsoft investments instead of out-sourcing and increasing costs. risual showcased how the process of moving its MFA to Microsoft would work in a quick and easy migration.

The council still wanted further assurance they were making the right decision. risual ran a PoC (Proof of Concept) to give the council peace of mind, and this only confirmed the theory and immediately the council wanted to proceed to reap the cost savings and other benefits as soon as possible.

risual worked quickly to set up Azure AD in the client’s tenant and put an MFA policy in place to ensure all business-users were assured of how it worked and why it had been put in place. This was implemented alongside the existing VPN connections.

Within the council they now benefit from:

  • Azure AD connecting to the platforms, providing a simple yet secure way of signing on to secure devices.
  • End-users having a one click step to approve their MFA, providing a much slicker authentication process.
  • The council has now saved costs by using licensing they already owned rather than outsourcing to a third party.

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