A space management consultancy used sensor technology to collect data on workspaces it worked on. The organisation worked with a third-party firm hosting its solution and were charged an annual fee. As a result, the consultancy firm wanted to find a solution to become self-reliant and analyse its own data. 


The client required the implementation of a digital transformation including its own services of data collection from sensor technology and be cost effective compared to its previous system.  


risual offered two specific workstream solutions to replace the former application used. The first option handles data ingestion, meaning the information required is collected and stored for In-debt analysis, using IoT Hub. The second option offers detailed results from the analysis, providing the information required for sensory technology. The solution required adjustments due to the legacy devices used by the client. risual was able to create a customised App to process sensor data and store it into an Azure SQL database. The solutions implemented to the new systems were designed through Power BI Embedded technology and Azure products, for a flexible approach. risual ensured all functions were adapted to the organsation’s needs through training and demonstration.  


The client is now able to use its own sensory data analysis tool, avoiding third party involvement. The organisation can reduce its costs due to having its own services and can benefit from further features that weren’t available from the former provider. Real time data reports can be directly accessed from the new services and presented to clients, improving the quality of the firm’s services.  The information stored has no speed or memory issues, as a cloud environment is used. Data can be accessed quickly and accurately for clients to understand. The services also include automation and user-friendly features, making the services easy to use and is likely to improve employee satisfaction. 

Next steps 

The project is ongoing to ensure the client is fully satisfied with its solution. Further analysis has taken place through Power BI to detect any other aspects that could be optimised.  

risual and the consultancy have worked together over the past year to deploy its digital transformation using Power BI. The client provided consistent feedback with the NPS (net promoter score) measurement, rating risual’s most recent services 10/10.      

“Very helpful with everything we have asked for help on, and communication is great.” 

risual currently holds an NPS score of 75, which is significantly higher than the industry average (60), demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.       

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