risual engaged with an IT department within a global pharmaceuticals company that wanted to improve their communication and collaboration. It was clear Microsoft Teams was the answer. However, the client was struggling to think of a solution and had lots of global offices that struggled to communicate through their existing network, so time and pressure were building.

risual deployed Microsoft Teams proof of concept (PoC) as from previous engagements risual had the knowledge that Teams allowed collaboration and communication from all over the globe, it’s document management system also allowed people to collaborate on documents and store them in a central and accessible location.

Microsoft Teams’ meetings were reduced from 2/3 hours to 30 minutes, giving IT managers time to focus on organisation problems instead of being stuck in lengthy meetings. They also no longer needed to prepare 3 hours worth of content so time outside the meetings was saved too.

This allowed collaborative working across their global organisation. Quicker organisation decisions were being made because leadership and managers had access to the data right in front of them, instead of searching for emails or through lots of folders. The enhanced functionality through Microsoft Teams allowed increased collaboration, communication, and innovation.

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