Dynamics 365 helps City and County of Swansea Council Save 90% on License Costs and Improve Customer Experience

In 2016 Swansea Council were exiting a ten year outsourcing contract with an external IT supplier. In line with the Government’s desire to digitally transform public services, Swansea Council’s IT department wished to take a fresh approach to IT projects, allowing technology to become a key organisation driver to improve the Council’s services combined with cost savings.

Due to the nature of outsourced contracts, it left a legacy of various departments within the Council having differing case management tools which did not integrate and were at different levels of usability, efficiency, and development lifecycle. It had become clear that to truly transform the council, they needed to remove silos of information, ensure a consistent level of service in each department and ensure each department had a tool that empowered end users to do their job well.

The benefits 

Swansea Council is now using Dynamics 365 and has seen significant benefits in terms of cost savings and improved service to customers. They can now accurately identify a customer and their interactions with the council, regardless of which department they need. This has had a huge effect on customer satisfaction and is helping them to deliver an even better customer service by being more proactive.

Swansea Council could report a 90% reduction in their annual license costs after moving to Dynamics 365, thanks to the savings of integrating with Office 365, and reducing multiple Case Management Systems down into one. Combined with an improved customer experience and empowered staff, this project has been a resounding success for Swansea and one that will continue to benefit them for years to come.

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