Understand how risual Limited, a Microsoft Gold Partner, ensured a council’s digital transformation through a central communications hub.

A vision, a plan, and a motive.  

Councils have been responding in various ways to effectively remain business as usual and deliver a valuable and reliable service. This particular council responded quickly to the pandemic deciding to launch a central channel (central communications hub) which would be used to distribute useful, accurate and helpful information regarding health, wellbeing and general council services. 

Our client wanted to maintain its critical services including accessible information for citizens, business as usual activities for staff, housing repairs, supporting homeless, benefit queries etc…  The council envisioned that the existing contact centre would be able to meet its requirements. However, due to COVID-19 it has a duty of care to protect its employees. The number of staff operating from the existing system is reducing, therefore a solution for home call handlers was required and the existing system would not suffice.  

Communications in a challenging time is key.  

risual evaluated the requirement and explored the current implemented Microsoft assets. The recommendation was to extend the use of Microsoft teams and configure the current SharePoint platform. This platform would be used to hold all relevant information which the call handlers can access to provide the most appropriate advice to citizens. A quick, effective and low-cost solution.  

A change in working environment, but a consistent delivery in service. 

COVID-19 caused a change in numerous members day-to-day workload/routines, but the technology meant that the council was able to identify and utilise those staff to expand the call centre services. Due to the project, those staff are now able to work remotely, protecting their jobs, citizens and the council. Extending the councils investment in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint enabled a fast, cost effective solution to be deployed. 

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