Case Notes – Performance Management Framework (Power BI)

risual are working with a UK Fire and Rescue Service on a performance management framework and approach. Performance management is a key tool for delivering better outcomes to users and senior leadership. It’s about acting in response to actual performance, to make improvements within the organisation and to the community the Fire Service serves. Using a performance management framework helps improve and maintain good performance and service. It involves gathering reliable information about the performance and understanding/addressing performance issues at every level within the organisation.

The Fire Service intend to use the performance dashboard to report internally within the teams but also to the senior leadership team. Once the KPIs are established, the Fire Service will evolve the solution to allow teams/departments to create their own dashboards and graphs to help them improve reporting and visibility of performance within their areas.

risual ran multiple workshops with six key areas of organisation to highlight key performance indicators that would help improve their way of analysing and reporting on performance. From this analysis, a solution was proposed and a delivery roadmap and strategy was created to enable the business to move forwards with this engagement. risual have now been asked for a ROM for proof of concept to implement senior leadership dashboard in the proposed solution. If successful, we will implement the other five dashboards highlighted in the document along with providing knowledge transfer and training to enable users in business to evolve and exploit the solution further to get return on investment.

Power BI is a cloud-based service that can deliver dashboards and reports to mobile devices and desktops as well as insight-driven analytics. Power BI provides a self-service BI capability giving casual users the ability to interact with data and business analysts to easily publish and share analytical models. True value is achieved when both are combined. KPIs can be rendered and delivered and then drilled into detail and explored within Power BI.

Some of the benefits of Power BI for the Fire Service are:

  • Improved reporting
  • Continuous improvement
  • Visibility of issues
  • Real-time data
  • Visual performance
  • Integrated platforms in office 365 with everything in one place

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