Case Notes – Business reporting and intelligence

risual worked with a large insurance company, who outlined their challenges with business reporting and intelligence within a number of business units. The areas for immediate concern were:

  • The simplified presentation of business intelligence, currently delivered on mobile devices as PDF files.
  • Overhead on the performance team to regularly answer ad hoc analysis requests in a reactive fashion.
  • Moving to a model that provides reports and analysis to the business aligning with the company’s corporate governance.
  • Simplified management and presentation of all their data (excluding financial data that is separately managed).

This project aimed to address some of these concerns by deploying mobile dashboards (to iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices) as a proof of concept allowing business users to evaluate the functionality and potential value of mobile reporting. Users will be required install the Microsoft Power BI1 app from the public app store and will be provided with credentials to sign in to access the mobile reports.

What was achieved:

  • Selected Complaints and Alps data as focus for reporting
  • Set up a Virtual Machine in Azure and installed and configured Mobile Reports
  • Designed and built five reports:
    • Alps Pipeline
    • Alps Policy Single Auto Decision
    • Complaints Dashboard
    • Complaints Pipeline
    • Complaints Root Cause Analysis
  • Made these available in the Power BI mobile app for review and feedback from business users

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