A Metropolitan Borough Council commissioned risual to configure and deploy risual’s Intranet Accelerator solution. During a design workshop preceding the deployment, risual’s consultant discussed the available configuration options with a group of stakeholders and explained how the solution can be tailored to meet the council’s needs. Following the configuration workshop, the solution was deployed, tested and handed over to the customer in a short time frame.

The existing intranet was built on SharePoint 2003 platform and was later migrated to SharePoint 2007. The software was considered outdated and the intranet implementation deemed no longer fit for purpose. Users struggled to find the content they needed among many outdated and duplicated files. Visually, the pages lacked the modern look and feel and contained mainly static content. Administrators consider the platform to be difficult to work with and not flexible enough to match the requirements of a modern corporate intranet.

The new corporate intranet will provide a modern and robust platform for users to share and consume information. It will deliver up to date, and easy to access content, presented in an attractive way, optimised for mobile devices, with overall look and feel matching corporate branding. Users will be able to find the relevant information fast, thanks to improved search functions and content being organised in logical sections. The integration of social feeds will provide an additional insight of corporate activities.

As a part of the engagement, risual worked closely with future administrators and “super users” to ensure knowledge transfer and their ability to take control over the intranet content and functionality. All project activities have been completed within two weeks, providing a substantial saving comparing with a traditional approach of building corporate intranets.

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