Case Notes – Office 365 (with risual’s Business Analyst)

A territorial police force are looking to make the move to Office 365 across the force, to enable collaboration and stronger communication. The Police Force have issues with growing storage costs due to extensive file shares and emails. Systems and storage is managed by a third-party support company; this contract is coming up for renewal in the next couple of years and the force do not want to keep putting data into the 3rd party storage knowing they will most likely need to migrate it in the future.

The territorial Police Force has over 1000 members in the force, spread across five locations. They currently have no instant messaging tools, meaning the only form of communication available to them is email and phone. Most employees rely heavily on the email functionality as phone numbers are not easy to find and often out of date.

The move to Office 365 has been prompted by many systems/contracts coming to an end in the next couple of years. The Police Force are due to do a refresh of the office spaces which may be influenced by the new digital strategy being created.

risual’s Business Analyst spent time with the Police Force to work out the user journey, the business requirements and to detail the cost saving opportunities available to the force. This information was then pulled together into an analysts and recommendations document to highlight the proposed feature with Office 365 and the strategies required to implement those changes to ensure the adoption of the solution was successful. From this document, the Police Force will be able to pull together the complete business case for purchasing the Office 365 licence. Afterwards, a ROM was created in order to implement all recommendations highlighted during the business analysis work – giving them a much clearer picture of the work to be done and the proposed outcome.

The benefits of the Business Analyst include:

  • Highlighting of cost savings
  • Effort reduction for the business as they don’t have to work out the ‘business case’ themselves
  • A bespoke delivery strategy
  • Insight and knowledge into the adoption approach
  • Gives risual a better understanding of the problem for when it comes to deploying a solution

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