Case Note – Dynamics 365 Transformation

risual assisted a UK City Council to replace their Taxi Licencing application forms with a bespoke solution to be held within Dynamics CRM. Replacing the Taxi Licencing forms was a small part of a bigger picture whereby Dynamics CRM will change the whole of the incumbent CRM solution used by the Contact Centre within the City Council.

The City Council currently deal with around 1000 applications a year, have around 1200 registered drivers and deal with on average 100 renewals a month. The licencing applications are for either Taxi, Driver or Operator licences and each of these can be for either new licences or renewals. Therefore, there is a great need for the council to have a system that is able to control and process these applications.

Currently the City Council use a CRM solution that was originally designed by a different Council, however, this environment is around 9 years old and is in need of updating/replacing. There are other restrictions such as any changes result in a Change Request which as a slower than expected turnaround.

The Dynamics 365 CRM system helped to address the following issues:

  • The overall cost of the Customer Service CRM was expensive
  • The City Council didn’t have direct access to their own data
  • There were standard reports only within the previous CRM
  • Data held in the previous CRM being out of date

As part of the wider project, the next phase of the project was to move all Planning and Licencing applications into the same CRM environment. The ultimate aim of the project is to allow the Contact Centre to have a centralised repository for all citizen applications made through the council, for the council to have a complete single view of a citizen or organisation, and to ensure that all departments that are involved with the contact centre are aware of specific applications.

The benefits the City Council will get by aligning processes with Dynamics 365:

  • Keep citizens engaged with a single view of their needs
  • Use Dynamics to report on cases on phone or online
  • Manage supply chain through Dynamics 365
  • Report on and make decisions with real time intelligence
  • Save time and effort by automating workflows
  • Reduce data silos, your customer service team can access and update information in real time

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