Care International Saves Costs and Improves Efficiency Through Office 365 and Azure Agility

Care International (CARE) noticed that its current systems needed a new solution to allow the employees to stay up to date and work efficiently on projects across multiple time zones. The trend of the IT industry was to use cloud-based solutions in multinational organisations to keep infrastructure costs low, and this influenced CARE to work towards finding a solution to help create a flexible working environment across all offices within the organisation.

The background of the project

risual worked with Care International to establish its issues, what they required and how risual and CARE can work together to create a relationship and build a solution which will positively enhance their work, performance and collaboration. The risual Business Group consultants engaged with key regional stakeholders from the following areas; CARE Australia, CARE Denmark, CARE India, CARE Canada, CARE US and CARE UK.

The risual Business Consulting approach was to establish a global communication capability, the needs, requirements and agenda the business was searching for. risual understood due to Care International being a confederated organisation, they needed to connect with all regions and departments to understand the nature of that specific entity and be sensitive to the local needs that each region had individually. Using systems such as Skype for Business Messaging and Video, CARE and risual worked together the improve the business, move forward and achieve more.

The solution

After the design phase, risual knew that to improve CARE’s collaboration they needed to bring all the offices from across the world together by using one Office 365 tenant and allow all offices across the globe to meet in the Microsoft cloud, sharing the right information and tools so they can work productively, together, and seamlessly on the same projects.

The benefits

After the project, CARE has seen many productivity, collaboration and agility benefits throughout the organisation. Since implementing Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, CARE is now a much more Cloud First focussed organisation.

Collaboration and communication
• Access to the right tools and services to allow the organisation to work collaboratively from anywhere around the world.
• Microsoft Office 365 has offered various applications within the suite to encourage CARE to work together on simultaneous projects.
• Working under one Office 365 tenant offers each office across the world now have access to an up to date distribution list.
• Proactively react to any public issues/concerns.
• Apps such as One Drive and Skype for Business means CARE can now communicate anywhere at any time on any device.

• Skype for Business and Outlook is minimising the time spent reacting to public cases.
• Opened a gateway to becoming a more time efficient organisation.
• Positive reactions and valued outcomes from the public due to faster response times.

Cost saving
• Moving the on-premise infrastructure over to an Office 365 environment has resulted in a great deal of cost savings due to the CARE support team no longer needing to manage and maintain the environment now that every system runs within the cloud.
• Enabled all those who worked on the on-premise infrastructure to begin working on further cases and projects which are valuable to the public.
• Can now retire some traditional on premises infrastructure and software tools which is removing significant cost from the organisation annually.

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