The Blue Light organisation moved to a new Managed Service partner (MSP). Whilst they use Microsoft 365 for email and content collaboration, they have several on-premises servers which are currently hosted by their incumbent MSP that need to be transferred to their new MSP, risual Managed Services (rMS). 

The organisation wanted to move their on-premises environment into a flexible and scalable cloud based solution.  

An Azure solution based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone with VWAN (ESLZ-VWAN) framework was designed and deployed. This solution provides a secure, governed and scalable platform for the organisation and their partners to operate.

risual also delivered several infrastructure services including: 

  • Active Directory Domain synchronised to Azure AD using AAD Connect 
  • Exchange 2019 Hybrid 
  • Public Key Infrastructure and RADIUS 
  • Universal Print infrastructure  
  • Backup of Microsoft 365 using Rubrik 

Following the infrastructure deployment, user accounts and Exchange attributes from their existing AD domain were migrated to the newly created domain. 

The organisation have now moved away from their on-premises solution and is reaping the benefits of Cloud services, some of these include:  

  • Using the latest technology and governance solutions available in Azure. 
  • The ESLZ-VWAN is secure, scalable and complies with their standards and assurance requirements. 
  • They can use the scripted deployment process to quickly create new ESLZ-VWAN environments for their partners. 
  • Confidence that moving to their new MSP will not cause any loss of service. 

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