Due to COVID-19 guidelines, a vast amount of apprenticeship recruitment has been suspended or delayed throughout the country. This has left clients in need of digital talent and unfortunately has left young people or career-changers at a loss. 

A council located in the East of England had over 5,000 employees and they were looking to recruit two apprentices to their team, but this had been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Council’s employees were added onto the UK Government furlough scheme, but the organisation still needed to run the organisation, as usual, meeting short deadlines and remaining productive.  

The organisation also wanted to support their young learners and help them meet their deadlines.  It was clear the council was running out of time to meet their apprenticeship deadlines but did not want to compromise on productivity or the young people’s learning.  

After speaking to the client and agreeing on an induction date, the risual Education team rallied around and worked quickly to complete the necessary documentation. Whilst completing deadlines and ensuring success the council was assured by risual that they would meet their organisation values of: 

  • Openness 
  • Honesty  
  • Trust 

At the end of the induction, both apprentices gave risual full marks in their feedback survey and the organisation was pleased to see things progressing. Now the client is moving forward with new apprentices, allowing the new employees to begin their career journeys.

The council received multiple benefits throughout their journey with risual: 

  • Apprentices are adding value to the council’s workforce. 
  • A clear pathway has been designed for each apprentice to ensure their career development within the organisation. 
  • The client met all their deadlines with the support of risual Education.  
  • Each apprentice has the option to upskill further with additional Microsoft vendor qualifications, bringing new skills into the council’s teams. 

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