A large council wanted to develop its internal IT systems and gather more information on the activities conducted. After several internal reports involving senior members of staff, the council noticed that the value of the insights found was poor.

Several data sources seemed to be disconnected from the organisation, resulting in a loss of key information that could be used to support informed decision making. This issue decreased the effectiveness of the organisation but also created frustration with the people involved in data gathering.

The council was looking to select a technology provider able to offer a PoC (proof of concept) on a new solution with the capacity to solve this problem. The important objective of this operation was to reduce overall costs of software development while increasing the value of data insights. 


risual was the selected partner to deploy the solution and resolve the issues. After scoping the systems of the council, our experts deployed a PoC based on Azure Synapse Analytics. This technology is a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. All data is unified into one platform, to increase the simplicity of use while gathering powerful insights.

After the PoC of Azure Synapse Analytics, data was shown to be consolidated and integrated with Power Bi to evaluate data in more detail. Key features such as live boards and automatic updating will be implemented within the new solution for the council to reduce administrative tasks and gain efficiency.  


  • Azure technology is designed to be highly secured, decreasing the risk of threats dramatically. 
  • Detailed insights for decision making and lean operations are available with the new solution. 
  • The data is unified and simple to access from an interactive and live dashboard
  • Maintenance tasks are reduced due to integrated automation features. 
  • Overall increased employee productivity. The operations were done remotely, saving time and reducing the environmental impact on our planet. 
  • The council can measure the benefits of the solution before its implementation, thanks to the PoC offered by risual. 
  • Better informed decision making backed up by reliable real-time data.  

Next steps 

The council is in the process of reviewing each feature specifically deployed in the PoC. Once the organisation is fully satisfied with the proposal, a full implementation of Azure Synapse can be deployed with the support of risual.  

We want to focus on client satisfaction with each of our operations. For this reason, we use an NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating system to measure our performance. Our current score is over 77, positioning us over industry average (60). 

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