A UK Police Force was working in an ageing and unstable Microsoft Exchange environment. The organisation had already committed to move into the Microsoft Cloud to rectify the issues – which is the first force to adopt the NEP (National Enabling Programme) designs as the pilot. The summary scope for this project was to complete the migrations of approximately 50 user mailboxes plus up to 10 shared mailboxes into Exchange online from the Legacy On-Premises Exchange estate. This included building any required additional infrastructure components, performing a degree of required or essential remediation activities, testing the new components, migrating the pilot users, providing early life support, providing input into user communications, training, migration and adoption planning.

The UK Police Force adopted NEP Designs. risual and the force reviewed the design and then submitted feedback to the design team which then moved onto risual designing the Microsoft Exchange 2016 service to remediate the current infrastructure and bring up to the recommended version that NEP design states.

Following the NEP design, risual delivered services which included; Identity (Active Directory – AAD Connect & ADFS), Exchange hybrid, Exchange online configuration, and OneDrive for Business. risual also configured the audit and log in settings for Microsoft Office 365. risual deployed 50 users on a technical user pilot along with Kemp Load Balancers implemented into the organisation to geo-load balance the ADFS and Exchange 2016 infrastructure.

As a result of piloting Office 365 against the NEP Designs, the UK Police Force now benefit from a stable exchange platform and a flexible and resilient ADFS platform, which in turn provides a better experience for their end users.

risual’s expertise and experience of delivering other Microsoft Office 365 projects allowed for successful delivery. Throughout the process, both risual and the client worked closely with the program partner, and national accreditors, this coupled with close engagement with the client teams, allowed trust to be developed and has led to further commitments in Microsoft Technologies.

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